Tuesday, August 2, 2011

agar-agar served with longan and syrup

alhamdulillah ..... a simple dessert for iftar on the 1st of ramadhan.

12g agar-agar strips (cut 1" and soak in water till soft)
250g rock sugar
water - fill up the agar-agar plastic packaging with tap water
strawberry essence - optional
red food coloring

1 can of longan in heavy syrup

1. Boil the soft agar-agar with rock sugar until both dissolved.
2. Add essence and coloring and let boil again.
3. Strain into preferred small mould or tray. Let the agar-agar harden and keep chill in the fridge. If using tray cut the agar-agar into desired sizes
5. Serve the agar-agar with longan and the syrup.

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