Thursday, August 27, 2009


i saw a set of seven spode spice jar at englishinspire & englishvintages. eh! eh! nak sama la cuma cover dia biru. i was crazy over blue & white when i bought these at a very good price. pantang nampak biru putih. ada satu kedai kat atas restoran camohamad kat seria jual barang dari UK. masa tu sale. apa lagi beli la. tapi la ni tak gila dah but I still like the combination of blue and white. kalau CMG tengok rasa-rasa dia suka tak? silap haribulan pindah kl nanti this will be for sale... :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

ramadhan al mubarak

as abah was driving us back home after swimming from bsrc; we saw this beautiful bright shiny rainbow.

when we reached home kakak told me that we should snap a photo. so she went inside and grabbed the camera.

aimi asked me "mama, did you know that rainbow is actually a circle?" ya ka..? mama tak tau la...

nampak tak rainbow tu ada dua? cantikkan? life is beautiful...............

i cooked a kuali of sambal ikan bilis last wednesday. stok untuk sahur. this ramadhan will be aimi's first time to fast the whole day. mama know you can go through this. my prayer is with you. selamat berpuasa semua :)

to all friends & family have a blessed ramadhan

Monday, August 17, 2009


my new 'toy'. Pyrex 5L Teardrop Bowl. redeemed from supasave at B$17.95 (rp B$44.95). what do you think? do you like it? i'm thinking of fruit salad, kerabu, punch pun boleh ... hehehehe but have to wait till the semangat comes, tak tau la bila tu ..........

Friday, August 14, 2009



"overall, your blood tests are normal. total cholesterol tinggi sikit (5.7 : normal <5.2)>0.9). Therefore ratio total col/HDL is perfectly normal 2 (<4.5)

i'm satisfied with my cholesterol level. do you know your cholesterol level?

today's lunch is spaghetti bolognese with sunkist orange juice. simple, eazy & yummy!! just the way i like it ...


not much a writer. admire those who can. should i have a blog? i never had a diary. now i am trying to blog. what should i blog. about anything i guess that goes around me ..... so here we go, here is my story .......


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