Tuesday, November 3, 2009

my black beauty


The abaya "cloak" (Arabic: عباية‎ ‘abāya[tu] or عباءة ‘abā'a[tu], plural عبايات ‘abāyā[tu]) is an overgarment worn by some women in parts of the Islamic world. It is the traditional form of hijab, or Islamic dress, for many countries of the Arabian peninsula such as Saudi Arabia or United Arab Emirates, where it is the national dress. Contrary to popular belief, the abaya is not mandated by the Qur'an. [1] read more here @Wikipedia

these are my four abayas. my first abaya is the one with the silver flowery lace. the abaya with pink embroidery was a birthday present from a friend in Dubai. bought the green one recently and wore it to a farewell gathering. last Sunday I bought the abaya with black sequins during a shopping spree with MIL at Nazmi. belum pakai lagi, maybe this Saturday to the Tazkirah session. one more to come from kak chik, InsyaAllah :) can't wait ....


  1. assalamualaikum mala.
    what a nice collection of abayat. i'm waiting for abaya that looks almost the same as yours with pink embroideries. i'm hoping to wear it for eid-ul-adha.
    i've already packed your abaya and just waiting for 30 Nov to post it as request. hopefully you'll like it.

  2. wasalam kakchik, pakat ramai2 pakai abaya raya haji ni! saya tunggu abaya dari kakchik.. :)

  3. assalamualaikum mala. eid mubarak!
    i'm here just to inform you that i am not able to post your abaya today. i've been ill with diarrhea since last night. insyaAllah i'll post it tomorrow when i'm better.
    please forgive me.



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